Product information

We love our wall photo murals! Hope you like them too!
We only use the best materials to make your product.

Your order can be fully customized, we advise you order a slightly larger size than the one expected for your wall.


We recommend adding 5 cm to all your measurements.
This is so to make sure that your photo mural fits well in case you want to cut it.

Once you installed the wall photo mural you can cut those pieces in excess.
By doing so your photo wall mural will fit with extreme precision, for example, in the corners.

An example of measurements.
Wall = 300 cm x 250 cm.
Margin = 5 cm.
Total = 305 x 255 cm.

More information about our mural.

Standard wall photo mural
Our standard wall photo mural is made of sustainable and durable materials (nonwoven) and the glue can be directly applied on the wall. This type of wall photo mural is easy to install, comes with instructions, it is UV and fire resistant. Perfect for a homemade photo on your wall!